"At dawn, silence births melody's rise."

"At dawn, silence births melody's rise."

Red Dawn Audio is the brainchild of Dan Corches, 
Emmy-nominated Audio Engineer, Composer and Sound Designer. Since 2012, Dan has been crafting immersive auditory experiences, ranging from captivating product commercials to dynamic corporate videos, trailers, and cinematic productions.
Every project, regardless of scale, holds a story waiting to be told, each deserving its bespoke canvas of
sonic brilliance.

Audio Design means everything
From composing music that sets the scene, to crafting immersive soundscapes and effects that bring stories to life, from meticulously balancing audio levels to mastering the final mix - the Audio Designer is the singular architect behind every facet of the audio landscape of your project.

As a seasoned music composer, Dan has refined his skills since his early days studying piano. Since 1997, he's explored various music styles, allowing him to develop a versatile approach to composition. Unlike traditional methods where filmmakers cut the film to fit the music, Dan prefers to compose music directly to the film, seamlessly blending sound and visuals to create a cohesive and immersive experience. With a keen sense of how music can enhance storytelling, Dan's compositions add depth and emotion to every frame, enriching the cinematic narrative.

As a Sound Designer, Dan employs top-notch software to craft immersive auditory experiences. Seamlessly blending the industry standard with meticulously captured field and studio recordings, he achieves a harmonious mix between familiar sound effects commonly heard in films and customly designed elements for complex scenes. Dan's expertise lies in his ability to strike the perfect balance, ensuring that the sound design enhances the experience without overshadowing the music or dialogue.


Dan's journey as an Audio Engineer began during his time at the SAE Institute, where he acquired the foundational knowledge necessary for creating quality mixes. Over the years, he honed his skills through hands-on experience, working on numerous personal music projects. With each project, he fine-tuned his craft until he felt confident and prepared to enter the industry. Today, after mixing projects for over a decade for some of the biggest companies, Dan's reputation as an Audio Engineer precedes him. Utilizing the best mixing tools available, Dan consistently delivers results that rival even the most expensive music studios.


When it comes to Mastering, Dan demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the craft, carefully refining the final touches of a project to meet industry norms and achieve exceptional sound quality. With years of experience under his belt, Dan approaches mastering with humility and dedication, underscoring his capacity for solitary work to ensure that every detail is meticulously attended to. This dedication to self-reliance ensures that every project receives the focused attention it deserves, resulting in a final product that is both polished and professionally mastered.

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