Exclusive VS Stock Music

Why Exclusive Music Excels

Exclusive VS Stock Music

Why Exclusive Music Excels

Choosing the right music for a project is like finding the perfect ingredient for a recipe - it can make all the difference. As someone deeply passionate about audio design, I've always believed in the power of crafting custom music rather than producing off-the-shelf tunes. 

Imagine you're planning an important project, pouring your heart and soul into every detail. You want everything to be just right - including the music. That's where exclusive music comes in. It's like having a tailor-made soundtrack that fits your project perfectly. Every note is handpicked to evoke the emotions it needs, adding depth and authenticity to your creation.
On the other hand, stock music feels like a shortcut. It's convenient, sure, but it lacks the personal touch that sets your project apart. It's like serving fast food instead of a gourmet meal - it might do the job, but it won't leave a lasting impression.

Initially, I wanted to illustrate the contrast between stock music and exclusive compositions with a new example. However, a past project involving Audi and FC Bayern came to mind, which perfectly encapsulates this comparison.
In this project, the aim was to blend the excitement of electric cars with the passion of football. The task fell upon me to create a soundtrack that captured both elements. So, I combined a soccer-inspired melody, driving synths, and energetic drums to mirror the thrill of electric mobility and the fervor of football fans.

However, an interesting turn of events unfolded. The decision-makers had already purchased some stock music and decided to use the same track for all future spots in the campaign. Despite the original music's appeal, the choice was made to stick with the stock music. While it served its purpose as background music, it failed to capture the essence of mobility and speed or evoke the visceral emotions associated with football culture. 

This is the final Audi IAA Mobility 2021 spot featuring stock music

This is an early pre-version of the spot featuring exclusive music by Red Dawn Audio

Reflecting on this experience, it's evident that exclusive music adds an extra layer of depth and connection to projects. It's not merely about convenience or familiarity; it's about forging a bond with the visuals. As an audio designer, I'm dedicated to crafting bespoke soundscapes that leave a lasting impression - no matter how big or "meaningful" a project might be.

In closing, it's vital to clarify that the critique of stock music isn't a dismissal of its inherent value. Every composer deserves respect for their craft, and I empathize with the challenges they face, particularly when our work is the final touch in a project. Yet, there's a broader issue at play here.

Too often, the importance of sound is underestimated in creative endeavors. Producers may find themselves scrambling at the last minute, realizing they've neglected the audio aspect of their project. In a panic, they resort to purchasing stock music, perhaps not fully grasping the significance of audio design and its potential to elevate their work.
However, this tendency only perpetuates the misconception that music is merely a commodity, ready to be picked off the shelf.
I advocate for a shift in mindset, one that acknowledges the integral role of sound in storytelling and branding. By embracing the artistry of exclusive compositions, you honor the work of composers while enriching the creative landscape with narratives that resonate on a deeper level.
So, let's reimagine the process, valuing the significance of audio design from the outset. Let's empower audio designers to step away from the stock music game and instead, craft bespoke soundscapes that breathe life into projects. Together, let's create a future where every note, every rhythm, and every melody tells a story worth remembering.

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