Like a playroom for MOTOMOTO: First, they built a cave, then, in the light of flashlights, they painted a world late into the night as they pleased. With gigantic water dinos, saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, Neanderthals, and pterosaurs. The six-minute cave wall installation is the logical continuation of their urge to explore: With the seriously playful result of an oversized journey through time from 4,560,000,000 years ago to today at Schulerloch Cave in the Altmühltal. Red Dawn Audio added to the grandeur with an epic and emotional score, enhancing the experience and stirring the soul. Witness it at the Schulerloch stalactite cave near Kelheim. Don't miss it!

Music & Sound Design 

Motion Design 

Tropfsteinhöhle Schulerloch

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